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Managing Business Critical Processes made Easier

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) unlocks Data to improve transaction flow using SharePoint

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Make BizTalk Server management easier and more efficient with ESB Vision!

  • Gain resubmission at the point of failure.
  • Real-time visibility into processes running through the ESB.
  • Log business data as the transactions flow through ESB.
  • Full processing monitoring of KPI's.
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Robust tools to make your job easier.

  • Custom Logging Resolver using the XPath Extractor. A new resolver is available which allows you to define the data type and how to get to the data. What is shown is using the XpathExtractor to retrieve data from the payload. You can use all XPath valid queries and functions (sum, count, etc).
  • Business Rules Engine Extractor. If there are multiple types of data flowing through this itinerary, the data might not be in the same place based on the data type. You can invoke a business rule engine to intelligently retrieve the data and send it to BAM.
  • Context Extractor. You can access any property that is deployed to BizTalk. It auto populates this list from the BizTalk management database.
  • Two new BAM exporters, shown using the Database with BAM. After creating the itinerary logging the necessary data, to prevent you from replicating work, there are two new exporters that export the itinerary and also creates the BAM Activity. When choosing the Database Itinerary Exporter with BAM (Stott Creations), you have the ability to choose the database that the BAMPrimaryImport database is.
  • File with BAM exporter. This is the same as the database, except you would use this for promotion into another environment, where the exported itinerary and the exported BAM activity can be used in an install package to promote.
  • Results of File Export.
  • Results of Database Export.
  • BAM Structure that is deployed automatically into the BAMPrimaryImport database. This allows for each process to have its own archiving story, as the retention policy might need to be different depending on the process running.
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Screenshot of Context Extractor

Screenshot of the Context Extractor.

Partial screenshot of new BAM Exporter

Partial screenshot of the BAM Extractor.

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